Safera - Crime Analytics & Predictions

Safera is a Crime Analytics & Predictions Platform.

Law Enforcement and Public Safety Agencies Around the World Rely on Safera to Detect, Analyze, and Predict Crime.

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The Safera Platform

The Safera Platform is built on a secure system architecture which auto-scales, is future proof and can be deployed in-cloud or on-premise.

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Crime Analytics
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Combat Crime with Insights,

Prevent Crime with Predictive Analytics,

Create a Safe Era for all Citizens.

How it works


Out-of-the-Box Data Connectors

Quickly Connect Safera to Your Enterprise System Using the out-of-the-box Data Connectors.


Pre-Built Dashboards

Start to Analyze, Predict & Visualize Crime Data using the pre-build Dashboards.

How it works?

Safera is built ground-up for a quick start to seeing the analytical & predictive dashboards in action. A few configuration steps is all that it takes!


Wilfrid Laurier University

WLU has been using Safera’s crime labs to educate the law & enforcement professionals on cutting-edge Data & AI technologies. The labs are helping them to convert the crime data into insights and generate predictive results.

Fanshawe College

Fanshawe College has included Safera’s crime labs into their syllabus to enable law enforcement officers to understand how to work with current & historic crime data to observe analytical and predictive outcomes.

ThirdEye Data

ThirdEye Data leverages Safera to develop tailored platform to detect, analyze, and predict crime for law enforcement agencies. Safera is adaptable and deployable to any cloud platform or on-premise server.


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