Safera CrimeAnalytics & Predictions Platform

Safera’s analytical capabilities encompass real-time streaming and static data. It is capable of handling the typical big data characteristics: velocity, volume, and veracity. Integrating, assembling, and developing customized end-to-end solutions is easy using Safera. Through it, law enforcement and public safety agencies can mine data to get holistic and in-depth views into the underlying causes and patterns of crime or fraud in a given area.

Safera collects data from various data sources – static data (crime data from OpenData sites and US census data) and real-time data (weather, traffic, and social media data). Then, Safera leverages Azure-based technologies for backend processing & PowerBI for visualizations to display results and analytics on user-friendly dashboards. Safera can be enhanced to include video data, image data, and police systems data.